Amazing Grace Ranch

Back Street Betty

Sire: Tangys Classy Peppy
Dam: Im Street Smart X Smart Little Lena
D.O.B.: 1998
Sex: Chestnut mare
Description: Back Street Betty has NCHA LTE $16,037.00.  Her dam, I’m Street Smart has NCHA LTE $48,131.13 and PE $128,451.83 (NCHA $102,658.10, NRHA $2,660.05, NRCHA $15,258.34, AQHA $7,875.34) 2nd Dam Ima Sugar Vandy PE $94,113.25 (NCHA $61,470.26, NRCHA $32,642.99) Her first foal born 2013 is by Meradas Blue Sue. Her 2nd foal a 2016 colt sired by Tomcat Chex. Her 3rd foal a 2017 filly by Tomcat Chex. We are very excited about this cross!

Sweet Little Holly

Sire: Lenas Telesis
Dam: Docs Holly Oakie X Doc’s Oak
D.O.B.: 2000
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: Sweet Little Holly was not shown due to injury as a baby, but has PE of $52,000. Her 1st dam, Docs Holly Oakie, has LTE of $54,916.62 and PE $400,000.00.

Smart Dueling Chic

Sire: Smart Chic Olena
Dam: Dual Lena X Mister Dual Pep
D.O.B.: 2009
Sex: Sorrel Mare
Amazing Grace Ranch would like to welcome our new broodmare Smart Dueling Chic LTE NRCHA $50K. 2013 NRCHA Open Derby Finalist, 2014 NWRCHA Derby Champion, 2015 NWRHA Bridle Two Rein Champion. She is by the great Smart Chic Olena and out of Dual Lena NCHA lte $4,000. PE NRCHA $185,000.00. Her first 2016 Smart Boon colt is a money earner. Check out his 2019 SBF 223 rein work: CLICK HERE. She also has a 2017 Metallic Cat colt, has produced a 2019 Tomcat Chex filly and is in foal to Tomcat Chex for a 2020 foal.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Purr N Like A Lena

Sire: Smart Little Lena
Dam: Ms Katlin x Peppy San Badger
D.O.B.: 1996
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: Purr N Like A Lena aka “Kitty” has NCHA earning of $75,000. Her offspring have earnings of $175,000.00+. Her first Tomcat Chex foal arrive in 2011 and is a beautiful bay filly. We have 2 Tomcat Chex foals coming in 2012. We feel very lucky to own this special mare and so excited about her future Tomcat Chex foals. Her first Tomcat Chex filly to show is a NCHA Ltd NP Futurity Finalist! Her daughter, CR Kittys Gotta Gun NCHA $45,156.47,  is the 2016 NCHA World Champion Mare with Gavin Jordan aboard.

Goodness Reycious

Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: Lost the Farm x Doc’s Hickory
D.O.B.: 2006
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: Goodness Reycious aka “Goodie” is by the late, great Dual Rey. His offspring earnings are over $26 million. “Goodie” has LTA of $5,944 and has produced earnings of $16,350+. Her full sibling, Reytilda has LTE of $128,900. Her dam, Lost the Farm, has LTE of $81,272 and has produced over $214,096. She is in foal to Kit Kat Sugar for 2021. He has LTE of $240,903 and his offspring earnings are in excess of $3 million. We are very excited for this cross and can’t wait for our first Tomcat Chex baby in early 2022.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Light Up My CD

Sire: CD Lights
Dam: Might Smart Play X Mighty Docs Playboy
D.O.B.: 2009
Sex: Sorrel Mare
Description: Light Up My CD was injured as a 3 yr old. Her dam Might Smart Play has NCHA LTE $27,853. And PE $102,000. Dam of Smooth And Might 2015 NCHA World Champion $30,502.02.

She had a gorgeous 2016 bay filly by Tomcat Chex, Heavenly Lights. She is an El Rancho Open and Intermediate Open Futurity Finalist, the PCCHA Limited Open Reserve Futurity Champion and placed 3rd in the PCCHA Amateur Futurity. Heavenly Lights has LTE of $18,305.16. She was shown by Kirk Ferris in the Open and Jack Ferris in the Amateur.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Sassy Lena Rey

Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: Sassy Shorty X Shorty Lena
D.O.B.: 2006
Sex: Bay Mare
Description: Sassy Lena Rey has an outstanding pedigree.  She has ACHA earnings. She is in foal to Once In A Blue Boon for a 2017 foal.  Her 1st dam Sassy Shorty has NCHA LTE $86,290.00 and PE $394,136.00.  2nd Dam Chickasha Lucy has PE $129,633.09.  This will be her first foal. We are very excited to cross her on Tomcat Chex as it is a proven cross.

Tomcats Covergirl

Sire: Tomcat Chex
Dam: A Glows Little Rio X Powder River Playboy
D.O.B.: 2013
Sex: Black mare
Description: Tomcats Covergirl is an absolute sweetheart and has produced us her first baby Gun N For Chexx – a wonderful bay colt. Tomcats Covergirl was injured as a 3 yr old. Her 1st Dam A Glows Little Rio has LTE of $8,500 and PE of $60,000. Her 2nd Dam Aglows First Rio has LTE of $ 197,002 and PE of $255,736.

Smart Heritage

Sire: Smart Little Lena
Dam: Poco Kitty Doc X Poco Poco Doc
D.O.B.: 1999
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: Newest addition to the Amazing Grace Ranch breeding program!

Smart Lil Peppycali

Sire: Ill Be Smart
Dam: Little Peppycali X Peppy San Badger
D.O.B.: 2002
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: A new addition to our broodmare band in 2020.  Her first Tomcat Chex foal will arrive March 2021.  Smart Lil Peppycali was not shown due to injury.  Her first dam Little Peppycali has LTE NCHA $3829.00 and PE NCHA $112,671.00.  Second Dam Cow Cuttin Critter had PE NCHA  $85,182.52 and NRCHA $44,697.22

Hancocks Frosty Rose

Sire: Hancocksbluvalentine
Dam: Handrifts Sugar Rose X Driftin Jim Hancock
D.O.B.: 2005
Sex: Red roan mare
Description: Newest addition to the Amazing Grace Ranch breeding program!

Diamond J Fritz

Sire: Diamond J Star
Dam: Peptos Frosted Fritz
D.O.B.: 2011
Sex: Bay roan mare
Description: Newest addition to the Amazing Grace Ranch breeding program!

Flowin With Grace

Sire: Dual Ray
Dam: Tornado Tari X Taris Catalyst
D.O.B.: 2001
Sex: Bay mare
Description: Flowin With Grace has NCHA LTE $28,875.96. She is an exceptional mare by Dual Rey.  Her first Tomcat Chex foal will arrive in March 2021.  We are very excited about this proven cross.

Eighty Mattie

Sire: Matt Dillon Dun It
Dam: Chasing Eighty X Zan Freckles Hickory
D.O.B.: 2007
Sex: Palomino mare
Description: Newest addition to the Amazing Grace Ranch breeding program!

Amazing Grace Ranch

A Glows Little Rio – RETIRED

Sire: Powder River Playboy
Dam: Aglows First Rio X Docs Hickory
D.O.B.: 1998
Sex: Bay mare
Description: We are very excited to have this broodmare. She has won $8400.00 and produced $75,000. her dam, Aglows First Rio has LTE of $199,542.00 and has produced $255,269.70. and Aglows First Rio produced Aglows Little Peppy who offspring have won $476,398.00. We believe this will be an awesome cross with Tomcat Chex.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Scooters Got A Spot – SOLD

Sire: Pepto Taz
Dam: Scooters Playmate X Freckles Playboy
D.O.B.: 2004
Sex: Sorrel Mare
Description: Scooters Got A Spot has NCHA LTE $41,149.18.  Her dam Scooters Playmate has NCHA LTE $10,518.91 and PE $296,612.28.  Her first foal born 2017 is a bay colt by Tomcat Chex.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Ciena Jo Lena – SOLD

Sire: San Jo Lena
Dam: Sugs Eighty Niner X Docs Sug
D.O.B.: 2001
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: Ciena Jo Lena is by the great San Jo Lena.  She is a NCHA LTE $10,376.24.  Her 1st dam Sugs Eighty Niner by Docs Sug has NCHA LTE $1,194.06 and PE $22,114.16.  2nd Dam Cal Vadas Lori has PE $20,784.04.  Her first Tomcat Chex colt born 2015 will go into NRCHA training.  Her 2nd colt was born Feb 2017.  We are very excited about his cross!  Her babies are amazingly smart with a lot of personality.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Cling Rapp – SOLD

Sire: Smart Little Lena
Dam: Rappatap X Freckles Playboy
D.O.B.: 2004
Sex: Sorrel Mare
Description: Cling Rapp was injured as a 3 yr old. Bred and raised by the Rapp Ranch her pedigree is outstanding!  Her dam Rappatap PE $42,481.72.   2nd Dam Tap O Lena is a legend, NCHA Hall Of Fame, LTE $502,145.00  PE $620,495.00 +

Cling Rapp first foal is an NCHA money earner of $12,917.11 by Im Countin Checks. Her first Tomcat Chex colt will show in 2018.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Little Black Kitten – SOLD

Sire: Tomcat Chex
Dam: Little Peppycali X Peppy San Badger
D.O.B.: 2011
Sex: Black mare
Description: Little Black Kitten “Hannah” was injured as a 3 yr old. Her oldest foal was born in 2015, a filly by Little Joe Cash. 1st dam Little Peppycali has NCHA $3830.00 and Produce Earnings $100,000.00 +. 2nd Dam Cow Cuttin Critter Produce Earnings $130,590.00 – NCHA $85,182.52 NRCHA $44,697.22 and NRHA $710.23.
She is in foal to Lil Joe Cash and due to foal April 2017.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Peppys Smokin Edition – SOLD

Sire: Docs Gunsmoke X Mr Gun Smoke
Dam: Latest Edition X Peppy San Badger
D.O.B.: 1998
Sex: APHA Sorrel/Overo mare
Description: Peppys Smokin Edition aka “Iris” is one of our favorite broodmares. We bought her as a yearling, trained her and successfully showed her to the 2001 PCCHA Futurity Champion. She was shown 2 times in the Derby and made the finals, but suffered an injury. She is extremely intelligent and a super athletic. She has a stop like none other, just melts in the ground. We sold her first Tomcat Chex bay Overo colt to Tracy Taylor and we will start her Tomcat Chex filly in Jan 2011. We have a 2010 sorrel blaze face stocking colt that is outstanding sold that will go into NRCHA training. We sold her in 2010.
News Flash-Her first Tomcat Chex gelding “A Smokin Tomcat” win over $30,000.00 at the futurities!!

Amazing Grace Ranch

Choicey Lena – DECEASED

Sire: SR Instant Choice
Dam: Faylena Two X Haidas Little Pep
D.O.B.: 2000
Sex: Bay Mare
Description: Choicey Lena is a new addition to our broodmare band.  She had a 2015 filly by Hottish and a 2016 colt by Tomcat Chex.  Her babies look outstanding and we are very excited to start them.  Stay tuned for this cross!

Amazing Grace Ranch

Budhas Walla Wanda – DECEASED

Sire: Pabst Budha Ribbon X Doc Budha
Dam: Shiners Walla Wanda X Shining Spark
D.O.B.: 2009
Sex: Roan mare
Description: Budhas Walla Wanda is a beautiful Red Roan mare.  She was injured as a 3 yr old…such a heart-breaker because she has so much talent.  Her dam, Shiners Walla Wanda is by the legend Shining Spark.  She has earnings of $2,126 and 78 AQHA points with a Superior Heeling.  Her 2nd dam, Walla Walla Wanda has earnings of $39,506. & 44 AQHA Open Reining Points. She is a NRHA Limited Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion.  She is a full sister to Shiney Walla Wanda 234 AQHA points in 3 events and $9,507. AQHA High Point Reining Mare; 6th World Championship Jr Heeling; 7th Select World Championship Heeling and she is the dam of money earners of $274,623.00. including the great Walla Walla Whiz NRHA $187,820. and Wallawalla Bangbang NRHA $72,717.  Her babies crossed on Tomcat Chex can do anything you ask them to.  Outstanding cross!

Amazing Grace Ranch

Dual N Mary – DECEASED

Sire: Dual Rey
Dam: Instant Mary X SR Instant Choice
D.O.B.: 2002
Sex: Sorrel mare
Description: We are very excited to have this broodmare because of her exceptional pedigree. She was hurt as a 2 yr old so she was never shown. She was bred by the Allsup Ranch in TX. Her dam, Instant Mary has won $53,000.00 and produced 146,000.00. Her first Tomcat Chex foal is a 2012 brown colt with a big blaze face. Her 2nd foal is Dual N Tomcat won over $70,000.00 as a 3 yr old with Sarah Dawson aboard. He is the 2016 NRCHA Intermediate Open Champion and Open Finalist. This was Marys last foal as we sadly lost her.

Amazing Grace Ranch

Show And Telesis – DECEASED

Sire: Lenas Telesis X Doc O’Lena
Dam: Beautys Little Peppy X Peppy San Badger
D.O.B.: 1996
Sex: Bay mare
Description: Show And Telesis is a NCHA LTE $8,085.39 with PE $100,000.00+. Her first dam, Beautys Little Peppy PE $25K and 2nd Dam Hickory Beauty PE $172,877,00.  This cross has been very good for us.  Offspring have won money in NCHA and NRCHA. This is a very special mare to us and we love her babies.
Foal: 05 Hes A Peptospoonful bay roan filly
Foal: 06 Hes A Peptospoonful bay colt – “Southpaw” wins the 2009 Mebane Open Futurity for a payday of $22,000.00 and 2010 PCCHA Non Pro Derby Champion & Reserve Amateur Champion!
Foal: 08 Tomcat Chex bay filly -picture = This filly by Tomcat Chex name is Janell’s Tomcat. We named her after my mother because my mom was there when she was born. It is a very special memory. She was hurt as a 3 yr old (got cast in stall) but as a 4 yr old She won over $8200.00 in 5 months.